Tyndall, Ireland

Dr. Russel Duane

Russell Duane has worked on a number of research projects in collaboration with industrial partners and has acted as a consultant in the area of semiconductor devices for a number of indigenous and multinational companies including a new spin-out company called Varadis which specialises in RADFET radiation detectors. He has been issued three U.S. patents in the area of semiconductor devices. He is also currently responsible for improving the performance of the TYNDALL RADFET technology and has already significantly increased production yield and has helped to improve the minimum detection limit of the detector. He has published a number of articles in refereed journals and conference proceedings.

Miomir Todorović

Miomir Todorović is senior electronics engineer at Tyndall National Institute. His focus is on sensor instrumentation, wearable devices, IoT and bioelectronics solutions. His experience ranges from utilization of various sensors (RADFET, electrochemical, MEMS), design of various electronics modules (LASER drivers, sensor acquisition systems, long and short range communication devices) and design of software interface on multiple platforms (PC Windows and Android GUI based applications). His research interests are in IoT, wearable technologies, medical devices, algorithms and processing at the edge (IoT).

Patrick Sugrue

Patrick Sugrue is a principal Electronics Engineer in the Life Sciences Interface Group at the Tyndall National Institute and works on strategic projects in the biopharmaceutical and medical devices space. At Tyndall, Patrick leads a multidisciplinary team of scientists and engineers to develop novel sensors and instrumentation solutions. His research interests include implantable radiation sensor systems for radiotherapy quality analysis and multi-parameter sensor capsules and probes to improve the yield of biopharmaceutical medicines.

Mary White

Mary White received a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from University College Cork. She previously worked with General Semiconductors in manufacturing power devices. Since 2000, she has worked in silicon fabrication at Tyndall, particularly in thin-film deposition, thermal processing, ion implant, and wet chemistry etching focusing on improvements and developments in RADFETs (for Radiation Detection)and Photodiodes for applications in medical imaging and others.